Rubi in the Rough

Italpinas welcomes Maria Rubi Ong-Bieri as its new Vice-President for Operations and Human Resource Development. Ms. Ong-Bieri brings a wealth of experience to Italpinas. 17 years progressive experience in the Hospitality, Human Resource and Executive Operations Management.  She is a highly disciplined Chief Operating Officer.


A career that has been as diverse as a plethora of different and various emotions, Rubi Ong-Bieri has exceeded everyone’s expectations, from humble beginnings as rank and file to entrepreneurship to climbing through the corporate ladder.

This former COO of Subic Bay Marine Exploratorium and General Manager of Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club’s management style is democratic yet affirmative and she conducts an open-door policy for her subordinates making sure they exceed her expectations and that of the organization.

Italpinas welcomes Ms. Ong-Bieri as its Vice-President for Operations and Human Resource Development and is confident that she will bring her “exceed your expectations” mentality in support of the goal and successful growth of IDC.